Our acts can be no wiser than our thoughts,
our thinking no wiser than our understanding.

George Clason





Definition of Insanity:  To continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.

Albert Einstein 









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Brett Read - Managing Director
Safety Leaders Group

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Welcome to Safety Leaders Group


Safety Leaders Group is an international management consultancy who are dedicated to working with clients globally to transform their safety performance through sustainable leadership efforts. We are dedicated to research, development and implementation of solutions that provide a pathway to success for individuals, organizations and communities.

Our consultant's complementary knowledge and expertise as researcher and practitioners enables us to provide effective solutions to our clients.  Safety Leaders Group's Safety transformation approach is committed to creating Safety as an integral part of business.  


Our Services


We provide services in three main areas: Safety Performance Improvement Consulting, Training and Organisational Research.  Included in these services are leadership alignment, culture change, goal setting, strategy deployment, organisational surveys, results monitoring, and on-going performance improvement. We have a number of tools and processes designed to help clients manage change at the individual, team, and organisational level.


Safety Performance Improvement Consulting


Do your external consultants work in collaboration with you and build your internal capability?

With over 20 years experience working with a variety of organisations we have helped our clients to design and execute an integrated Safety strategy that has achieved sustainable improvements in Safety performance.  In addition to having a sound academic and research base, SLG's approach is also founded on years of senior leadership experience with High Reliability Organisations (HRO's) and in high risk environments.  Our research and experience demonstrate that only effective safety leadership will create safe workplaces. 




Is your training designed to encourage participants to explore and challenge their beliefs about safety?

SLG provides development for leaders at all levels of the organisation.  Our leadership programs are designed to encourage all personnel to help each other work safely by setting a strong HSE leadership example.  Each course provides participants with the skills, knowledge and impetus to develop a personal commitment to safety.  These courses are tailored for each individual client and participants regularly tell us that our courses are the best they have ever attended.



Organisational Research


Are you creating solutions based on well-founded research?

Does your research ask the questions that will enable you to improve performance?

Our research tools and processes can help you enhance and sustain high levels of employee engagement, commitment and voluntary effort and improve individual, team and organizational performance.

Our effective action-oriented research combines state of the art quantitative and qualitative observation and analysis.  Our research solutions are designed for executives and decision makers who must implement their performance improvement strategies quickly and effectively.  Our processes can help you achieve rapid and dramatic results - quickly gaining alignment and commitment to executive key initiatives and increasing your organization's leadership capabilities, employee engagement, change capacity and agility.



The  principals in our organization each have over 20 years of experience in their fields. Their complementary knowledge and expertise as researchers and practitioners enables us to provide effective solutions to clients.
SLG works in collaboration with organizations to understand where they are now and on transforming the organization to enable it to move beyond talking about a Zero Incident culture to owning a culture of safety. To create a culture of safety organizations must ensure that individual capabilities and intentions, systems and processes, and the organization’s culture are understood and aligned. The success with which this is achieved is a function of effective leadership.